The Print Industry, a fading force? Absolutely not.

With digital media having a greater bearing on our day to day lives, its easy to disregard print as simply a has-been, a once colossal, fading medium...however, as much as digital media has successfully integrated into modern society, print remains pivotal in our day to day lives.

From the clothes we wear, to the food we buy and the pictures we hang on our walls, printed media is still all around us, everywhere we go. Print plays such a central role in all of our lives and makes up the foundation of our society as we know it. Without print, brands would lose their ability to communicate their individual brand messages, with little creativity and distinction on the shelves. Print has been enormous for the last century and that only looks like continuing, as the figures show;

The UK print market commands 13.5 billion turnover

The UK is the worlds fifth largest producer of printed products

122,000 people are employed in the UK Print Industry with 8400 print companies based in the UK

The UK print industry had a 775 million positive trade balance in 2016

Figures taken from the British Print Industry Research Website

For those that ignore the figures and argue that digital media has surpassed the boundaries of print, its essential to emphasise that the concept of digital media itself stems from print. Some of the most respected online journals and news sources originated from print media and communications. Our entire digital world stems from the very foundations that print communication has laid out for it.

Without printed media, such as magazines, newspapers, posters or books, there would be little expression. To quote the famous Roman politician, Marcus Tullius Cicero: A room without books is like a body without a soul. Print remains a powerful giant and still has a lot to offer in a world with ever expanding communication channels.

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